Well Chlorination

Eliminate harmful microorganisms

Stay safe, clean, and refreshed.

Water contaminated with microorganisms and other bacteria can lead to dysentery and some nasty illness not pleasing to experience. This is exactly when well chlorination comes in handy. Our team will get started by adding an approved chlorine solution that will eliminate forms of chloroform bacteria and other microorganisms contaminating your well.

Only The Highest Safety Precautions

We understand that your well water system is supplying your whole family with everything from cooking water to drinking water.

That’s why we take only the high safety precautions by using chlorine solutions approved by the industry. When we add any chlorine solution into your system, we go the extra mile to make sure it’s completely removed before you and your family begin utilizing the water. Additionally, by ensuring the proper chlorine concentrations we’ll take even more precautions to not cause more harm than good.

Have Questions?

If you’ve been looking around to uncover the best well chlorination process, let’s chat.

Let’s talk about how we like to operate or just any tips and tricks in general. Give us a call! We’re always willing to help discuss how we can treat your water and eliminate any odors to get your well back to its pristine condition.

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Coomer’s Well & Pump LLC. is a small family operated business based out of Weaverville, North Carolina with over 30 years of experience in the water well business.

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