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Well Pump Systems In WNC & Eastern Tennessee

We accept that quality and economy go inseparably. Our siphon frameworks are intended to be as inconvenience free for as far as might be feasible. All materials and gear we introduce are ensured through a maker’s guarantee. Western North Carolina’s top well & pump contractor is profoundly prepared and experienced on the whole kinds of pumps and well administrations. Our company has rigs that utilize the most recent in water driven gear. These units are furnished with a full load of parts and hardware to keep up productive and prudent help. Present day hardware in the possession of experienced professionals of well repair service in WNC permits us to take care of all your water issues rapidly and at the very least cost.

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Parts To A Pump System Installed By Coomer’s Well & Pump

  • Pump, Motor, Control Box or VFD (variable frequency drive) Controller
  • Tank
  • Pipe in Well
  • Wire in Well
  • Pitless Adapter
  • Fittings
  • Check Valves
  • Hydrant Pipe and Wire for Ditch

Common Questions

The well cap provides a watertight seal when the inner gasket compresses to the outside diameter of the casing. The top of the well cap removes easily to access the well for servicing.

The first 25 feet of well casing must be steel per state standards. The remaining casing that is used is determined by the formation of the ground whether it be PVC plastic or steel.

The pressure tank is a storage vessel containing air and water that provides storage of water under pressure for delivery between pump cycles; allows for reserve capacity for periods of peak demand; protects and extends the life of the pump by reducing the number of on/off cycles; and helps reduce overall system maintenance.

The pressure gauge indicates how much air pressure is found in the pressure tank.

Pitless adapters provide wells with a sanitary– and frost-proof – seal between the well casing and the water line running to the well system owner’s house. After a frost line is determined for the area where the well is being installed, the adapter is connected to the well casing below the frost line. Water from the well is then diverted horizontally at the adapter to prevent it from freezing.

The check valve is located at the top of the pump to hold water in the tank and prevent backflow through the pump.

The submersible pump is a machine fit for lifting, raising or moving water from a well or tank to a higher rise or an inaccessible area. A pump can make pressure and additionally increment the speed of water. There are a few one of a kind highlights to submersible pumps, for example: all water pumped from the well is delivered to the service outlet, no water is recirculated. Submersible pumps have a decreased force utilization which brings about lower working costs. As capacity and pumping depth requirements increase, submersible pump installations and performance advantages increase. Multi-staging of the centrifugal impellers and diffusers permits matching the pump to the well capacity and the required service conditions. Development of corrosion/abrasion resistant materials and improved manufacturing methods guarantee the pump has a long life. If you have any questions, you may be able to find answers in our Western North Carolina well pump repair frequently asked questions page.

Shallow Or Deep Well In Western North Carolina

Before installing any of the pump systems you need to know about the depth of your well. If your area has a stable supply of water near the surface or a high-water table, you can access water for your home easily. In contrast, deep wells need additional consideration. To find out the depth of your well, check the report of a well driller.

A submersible pump system for deep wells uses a pressure tank to draw water through a single pipe that connects the inside well to the home. A submersible pump system can extract water from depths up to 400 feet.

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