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What to expect

Keeping you safe is our priority.

To begin with, you can expect your water well inspection to come from a licensed individual, certified by the state. In some areas of the country, most homes get their water from a nearby well. Entire families rely on single wells for survival. Therefore, you can expect your certified inspection agent to treat your well as important as it truly is. But what does that mean? That means you can expect a technician to not only identify current issues, but also potential problems that show stress and signs of failing in the near future.

When to get a well inspection

By simply paying attention to your well water system, you can virtually analyze the integrity to determine if anything is broken or about to break.

If you can visually identify something wrong with your well, it’s time to call for an inspection immediately. Additionally, here are some other signs you may be experiencing that would call for an immediate well inspection:

  • If your well caps were open
  • If you noticed a foul smell or taste
  • Does the water look as if particulants are suspended in the middle?
  • Is well pressure dropping or not producing as much water as it used to?
  • Have you performed a water test and receive results positive for chloroform or other microorganisms?

If any of the above scenarios are something new to you, then it’s time to get a well inspection. Alternatively, if nothing seems to be the problem, you can continue with your annual schedule of inspections every year.

What to look for during a well inspection

There are many variables that you should be looking for during a well inspection.

However, there are a few issues that indicate something is severely wrong. Rusting tanks and foul odors are two of the biggest indicators that something is wrong. The examiner will take a look at your well to determine if any structural problems exist. Pay attention to these three variables during an inspection to determine if your well needs immediate maintenance and repairs.

How much an inspection costs

The price per well inspection depends on a few factors.

However, the average rate is going between $300 and $500 per well inspection here in North Carolina. That’s about fair and right on target for what the professionals are paid to do. Give us a call to discuss your specific situation and any specific concerns you have.

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