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Coomer’s is also your go-to for Water Conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair. No matter what type of unit you have or whether it be a water softener, conditioner, blacklight UV system, or a simple canister filter we have you covered.

Here at Coomer’s, we are factory trained installers for Sterling Water Treatment systems.

We can also conduct a free water estimation on-site and provide you with an option for any issue.

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Common Well Water issues in Western North Carolina


Turbidity is dirt that will not settle, and causes your well water to be cloudy or opaque.


Cloudy and rust colored water, metallic taste, and stained laundry and plumbing can be symptoms from iron or manganese in your well water.

Rotten Egg Smell

The rotten egg smell is caused by hydrogen sulfide. It is not harmful to your health, however it can make your water corrosive. This sulfur-tainted water will sometimes leave yellow or black stains on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. It is also extremely unpleasant to deal with.

Bacteria Growth

Well water is susceptible to bacteria because it isn’t regulated by the government, and chlorine isn’t added to destroy it. A common bacteria found in well water is E.coli due to sewage and animal waste seeping into the water table. If you drink the water and have stomach problems this could be a sign it is time to test for bacteria.

Acidic or Low Ph

Blue or green staining on your copper pipes or bathroom fixtures usually means your well water is acidic. It can lead to pinhole leaks in your copper piping, and blue/green staining throughout your house.

Scale Buildup

Hard water is hard on you. It builds up in your pipes, decreases the life of your appliances, and leaves residue on your clothes and dishes. It also dries out your skin and hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water conditioning is a method of water treatment and is generally known as the alternative to water softening. Water conditioners are used to remove undesired contaminants of water such as chlorine, volatile organic compounds, chloramines, and also reduce the level of lead in water. Water conditioners are of different types and all provide different results. Some of the water conditioners are used as a salt-free method alternative to water softening systems and provide some benefits of softened water but not fully remove the hard minerals from water.

Water conditioners are known as a kind of physical water treatment and have a lot of benefits. Water conditioner systems don’t use chemical additives to change the chemistry of the water supply and often exclude water discharge. These systems also low the ongoing maintenance, pollution, and disposal costs. Don’t mix the water conditioner and water softener because water softener removes hard material and alters them with sodium ions while the water conditioner alters the structure of hard minerals so they don’t cause scaling.

Access to pure water is the fundamental need of our body but it’s now a challenge to get clean water straight in the house. So, to overcome this problem you may have installed a water tank and conditioner on the rooftop of your house. Like any other home appliance, you need to maintain your water conditioner periodically.

Water conditioners have great importance for you to get clean water without any undesired contaminants that may affect your health. As long as the water conditioner is important for you, it’s maintenance is also your responsibility. Sometimes your water conditioner might suddenly malfunction, so, instead of compromising on clean water and replacing it with a new one, you can get service from some water conditioner service provider so that you can save your money.

Maintaining your water conditioner has another great benefit that it ensures the water you are drinking is contaminant free. The groundwater in your area may not be safe and can include various harmful components such as ammonia, chloroform, and chlorine. If you are compromising on the maintenance of your water conditioner, ultimately you are compromising on your healthy lifestyle which may cost you way more than maintaining your water conditioner cost. So, you should always make sure that you are doing periodic maintenance of your water conditioner so that the water running in your house is safe for all your family members and is contaminant free.

We are providing services to our beloved clients and helping them with the best solution for any issue with their water conditioner. If you want to get any service regarding the water conditioner you can call us and our experienced workers will visit your place and inspect the issues with your water conditioner. Our workers will inform you about the issues with the water conditioner and the best possible solution regarding that issue. We have been providing services for years, and we have a lot of experience in fixing and installing water conditioners.

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Water Filtration In WNC & Eastern Tennessee

Water filtering is a method to remove the undesired components from water such as organic or inorganic materials, chemical compounds, and biological contaminants. Tap water now contains lots of contaminants coming from factories and underground pollution. Filtering tap water is now an accessory because it doesn’t matter how good your tap or well water seems, it still contains harmful contaminants in it. Some contaminants are man-made, and some come from natural surroundings. Rivers and

lakes are known as the best natural water resources however, they still get contaminated by acid rain, polluters, and storms. Due to all these factors, many homeowners are moving towards fully home filtration systems.

What Does This Mean for Your Residence?

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The common reason to turn towards a whole-home filtration system is to support the family. Water can contain different contaminants found near your houses such as chlorine and synthetic substances. Chlorine is added to water in a limited amount but if it is present in a concentrated amount you may face a lot of difficulties such as drying out the skin. Water can also contain biological contaminants such as chemicals that enter your water through foreign bodies or the supply pipes and cause different diseases. Hard water is also another dangerous thing for you and your family’s health. A home filtration system decreases all the contaminants level and makes it healthy for drinking, washing, and breathing. It decreases chlorine which helps your skin and hair better in the house.

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Why is it important?

Water is the fundamental need of our health and filtering out the water ensures that we are moving on the healthy way for life. The following are the most common benefits and importance of water filtration systems.

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Better Taste

Filtered water has a better taste than unfiltered water because chlorine, bacteria, and heavy chemicals contribute to an unpleasant taste of water, and when they are all filtered out, the taste becomes better. Tap water is not safe to drink nowadays and it can harm your health so a filtration system will keep you safe from all undesired contaminants.

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Better Smell

Undesired contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, and heavy materials also contribute to bad smelling water. Not all contaminants bring a bad smell but most of them such as formaldehyde and ethylene bring an unpleasant odor. So, if your water smells off, you will undoubtedly want a water filtration system in your home or office.

Our Western North Carolina Water Filtration Services

We are providing water filtration systems services for years to our beloved clients and providing refreshing, safe, clean water in homes and offices. We know the importance of drinking quality water so if you need any help regarding your filtration system you can get help from our experienced workers. We are always there to help you.

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